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Friends co-invent handy barbecue tool

The Observer & Eccentric
     Barbecue Buddies Al Flores of Livonia and Glenn Cox of Trenton, MI met at work and learned they had a lot in common. Both liked being outdoors. They work in the Wayne County engineering department over-seeing road construction projects. When they are home with their families, they enjoy barbecuing and making things out of ideas. B.B.Q. Basting Buddy brings the sauce and the basting brush together in one piece taking some of the messiness out of barbecuing. Screw the brush onto your favorite bottle of barbecue sauce. You press a lever to let the sauce flow onto the brush. Let go of the lever when you have enough, and finish basting. Sauce that has come in contact with the food does not flow back into the bottle. It's dishwasher safe, and rinses easily after use. A cap, designed to look like a chef's hat, covers the bottle when it is not in use.
The Barbecue Buddy Basting Buddy keeps the barbecue drip-free

The Detroit News
    When's the best time to barbecue? Anytime as far as the Kitchen Guy is concerned, and that includes the dead of winter. So the KG fired up the grill the other night in order to enjoy some ribs, plus test a new product: the B.B.Q. Basting Buddy, manufactured by Uneek Enterprises Inc. of Trenton. The Basting Buddy is both cute and functional. Resembling a bristly brush, the Basting Buddy screw onto 85 percent of commercial barbecue sauce bottles such as Open Pit, Bulls Eye, K.C. Master Piece and Lea & Perrins. Once attached, you invert the bottle and press a handle that allows sauce to flow through a valve and onto your ribs, chicken, steak or kabobs, helping to keep the grill clean of sauce slopover. The Basting Buddy is dishwasher safe.

Gentlemen, time to start your grills!
The News - Herald Newspaper
     Barbecue buddies and business partners Glenn Cox of Trenton and Al Flores of Livonia could paper a wall with the rejection letters they received before Cox's new invention -- B.B.Q. Basting Buddy - started to take off. Now, with a major grocery chain ready to start selling the product this month, and numerous independent markets and stores already stocking it, Basting Buddy's success appears assured. The product is a unique basting tool - a brush attached to a cap that is screwed onto a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce. The flow of the sauce is easily controlled by a lever and spring operated with one hand. And to keep flies and other insects away when the product is not in use, a plastic top in the shape of a chef's hat is included.

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