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Looking for Barbeque accessories? When you're outdoors cooking and grilling the Barbeque Buddy is a unique utensil for the BBQ enthusist. Here's a barbeque accessory that can be used for both your indoor and outdoor grilling and cooking. The BBQ Buddy helps you apply barbecue sauces to bbq ribs, chicken, chops and other grilled foods. Our barbeque helper utensil saves bbq sauce by providing a smooth even flow of bbq sauce to the brush by screwing directly on to most commercial barbeque sauce bottles. The BBQ Buddy has a unique lever that releases your sauce directly to the brush from the bottle and onto the food that is being grilled. The Barbeque Buddy also features a cap that covers your utensil when not in use and after using cleanup is snap! Simply unscrew the bbq buddy from your bottle of sauce and wash.

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